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To all remedial therapists, educators, social education workers and assistants: when you started your journey in your professions, you made an important, and amazing, decision: you wanted to support people in their self-determination – or on their way to it – and to be there for them. Making sure you can concentrate on doing just that is our job. Tempton can help any fully qualified as well as unskilled members of the education professions find the right job, whether you want to work with children, adolescents or adults requiring assistance, or even if you want to shift your focus. After all, only those who find joy in their work (again) do it really well.

ca. 400M
Sales euros in 2023
offices around Germany
Eugenie Rebel

“Despite many offers to take a permanent position, I deliberately chose Tempton as a temporary employment agency because it offers more advantages than the previous agencies.”

Eugenie Rebel

Your Benefits

More money

As a Tempton employee, you earn more than if you were permanently employed by an institution.

More heart

We will always listen to you: take a look at our social media channels and build your own impression of Tempton.

More free time

Driving time is living time. If you wish, you can get an assignment near you.

More independence

With Tempton, you are not bound to a specific institution, only for your period of work there. If your work there does not appeal to you, we will quickly offer you a better option.

Jobs for students

Students – for instance of social education – also have the possibility to make use of their abilities in a real-world environment and thereby gather some work experience. You also have the added benefit of getting to know different institution types and see what fits you best.

René Knoll

“I am very grateful to be on the job as an educator for Tempton and to put my heart and soul into helping to educate and raise children.”

René Knoll
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