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At Tempton, you will find the staff and service you want.

Are you looking for qualified employees? Temporary or permanent? Do you need freelancers or highly qualified experts to support your projects? Are you considering outsourcing certain tasks? Or maybe you need an end-to-end service provider? In Tempton all these work like clockworks – completely tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Learn more about our services.

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With Tempton, clients have no risk of subsidiary liability

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Continuity & Appreciation

We are committed to a long-term business relationship. The foundation is an appreciative and respectful relationship with our employees.

We pay our employees fairly, provide them with transparent advice and help them with administrative tasks. This appreciative approach motivates our employees and creates reliability and solidarity. This way, we also ensure strong relationships with our customer companies. We take our promises very seriously. Our customers are happy to confirm this.

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Tempton convinces its customers

In 2022, Tempton once again received two prestigious awards for outstanding customer management, based on broad-based studies by renowned institutes.

About Tempton

When it comes to people and important tasks, trust is everything. Fair conditions, extensive benefits and an open door policy at all times are the cornerstones of our relationships with our employees. As a customer, you benefit significantly from this philosophy of appreciation - because it is the only way to secure motivated and reliable supporters.

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The Tempton Academy

The Tempton Academy has its beginnings in 2003. It was founded to optimally prepare our employees for their new tasks through an intensive initial orientation. Since then, the scope of the academy has grown steadily. In addition to the services you currently receive from Tempton, you too can now benefit from our experience and knowledge.

No matter what key topics you are interested in, we offer the following training methods in all areas:

  • Group training/seminars
  • Coaching on the job
  • E-learning/Webinars

Take advantage of this added value as a Tempton customer. Topics, dates, prices and organizational matters – simply contact us.