With Tempton, customers have no risk of subsidiary liability

The law allows companies to defer social security contributions. As a result of the Corona crisis, many personnel service providers have increasingly made use of this right and will continue to do so in 2022.

However, there is an important legal exception for personnel service providers. If deferred social security and trade association contributions are not paid later, for whatever reason, the hiring company, i.e. the customer, is liable for the total social security contribution of the temporary employees assigned to it, in accordance with section 28 e of the German Social Security Code (SGB IV).

With us as Tempton, no customer has to worry about such a risk.

  • We are more than solidly positioned economically.
  • We have not applied for any deferrals and will not have to apply for any deferrals in the future.

We meet all our obligations correctly.
Our current clearance certificates also prove this: