Tempton Technical Services

Technical services since 1997

Since our incorporation in 1997, we have grown consistently with our own teams and have supported all leading system technology manufacturers as well as all carriers in Germany in developing their communications and information networks. From a pure set-up service provider, we have evolved into an end-to-end service provider, proving our capabilities throughout the entire plan-build-run process.

Our experience makes us a valuable partner to the ITC industry, because we are just as proficient in legacy technologies and their infrastructures as we are in integrating and planning the most advanced standards.

Your career at Tempton Technical Services

For our projects and assignments we are continuously looking for engineers, planners, technicians, temporary experts and many more.

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Your advantages

300 engineers, technicians, project managers
Nationwide service organization with six planning offices
Placement of freelancers and ITC experts
Five external warehouses and 580 pick-up points
Central logistics: nationwide supply of technology and spare parts

Our portfolio

Tempton Technical Services briefly explained

Want to understand exactly what Tempton’s technical services can offer you? We have someone for that: TOM will be happy to take you around and show you our various technical solutions - from landline connectivity and planning, to building network and mobile infrastructures, to your own data or processing center. And at the end of the movie... well, you better see for yourself!

Roll the tape! (in German)

Your points of contact

Are you interested in our range of services or would you like to work for us? Then please get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

André Rexhäuser
Authorized signatory / Program Manager Production
Phone: +49 911 929939-4180
Fax: +49 911 929939-7815
E-mail: andre.rexhaeuser@tempton.de
George Medow
Managing Director
responsible for the business units Next Level Experts and Tempton Technik
Phone: +49 911 929939-5467
E-mail: george.medow@tempton.de