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You want to hire new employees? Tempton helps you to quickly recruit new permanent employees for your company. This saves you time-consuming applicant management and canvassing and minimizes the risk of unsuccessful hires. Our support: Either Tempton takes over the recruitment and provides you with suitable personnel on the basis of a success fee, or Tempton directs the management of your application process on the basis of flat rates - from the job advertisement to the actual hiring. This way, you benefit from our purchasing advantages for job advertisements.

Your opportunities with Tempton:

We optimize your recruitment

What should your ideal candidate bring to the table? And where is the best place to reach them with a job advertisement? We will work with you to develop qualification profiles and consult with you on your recruiting channels. We also place individually designed job ads for at least one month in up to 250 job portals, web portals and social networks at no additional cost. If you place an advertisement in paid media, we will of course share our purchasing benefits with you. In this case, the applicant management itself remains with you.

We take over your applicant management

In addition to recruiting, we are also happy to take over your applicant management. Specifically, this means that we provide you with an applicant hotline and an applicant database, which relieves you from the extensive processing of incoming applications. In addition, we pre-select employees who are potentially suitable for you. We reject unsuitable applicants in an appreciative and legally secure manner.

We take over your entire application process

Apart from the actual hiring of the new employee, you can entrust Tempton with the entire time-consuming process of personnel recruitment:

  • We conduct telephone interviews and job interviews for you,
  • obtain up to three references on each candidate and
  • suggest suitable candidates for a personal interview.

Your advantage: You only pay for the successful placement. Our decade-long experience as a personnel service provider guarantees an above-average success rate.

However, if you are still unsure whether an applicant will be a long-term fit for your team, a previous employee leasing can be a valuable opportunity to get to know each other.

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