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Outsourcing is the way to go
Tempton as an outsourcing partner

Tasks that are outside the core business and even interfere with it regularly crop up in many companies. Outsourcing is consequently one of the most efficient ways to simplify business processes and to make the company more flexible. Tempton as outsourcing partner supports you in order to let you focus on your core business.

Quality assurance, logistics and more

Tempton takes over entire business processes, individual service areas or defined operations for you - either on a temporary or permanent basis. We are comprehensively certified and ensure both quality of your production and efficiency of your logistics. We provide extensive expertise in all such processes.

Your other advantages with outsourcing

Tempton offers quick access to qualified personnel and professional project organization, so that your day-to-day business gains efficiency. Besides complexity, you also minimize your risk profile, your fixed costs and your headcount. Another advantage is that you have the possibility to choose the right price/performance model for your company.

The pricing models for Tempton Outsourcing

You have the choice between three pricing models

Simply opt for:

  • Billing on the basis of fixed periodic expenses
  • Billing on the basis of a combination of fixed and variable compensation
  • Billing on the basis of a strictly unit-related variability

This way you have a fixed cost calculation basis. Alternatively, we can also make your costs variable and adjust payment flows to business developments. Here, we will of course provide you with open-book transparency.

We take over operational assets

To ensure that we can provide our services as an outsourcing partner to the best of our ability at all times and that your costs remain low, we put great emphasis on optimal equipment. We take over the necessary investments and operational assets.

Personnel outsourcing: We take over your employees

If requested, Tempton will also take over your employees - either as part of a transfer of operations in accordance with the provisions of Section 613a of the German Civil Code (BGB) or by individual agreement. In a face-to-face meeting, we will inform your employees about working at Tempton, about their new perspectives and what else we can offer them as an employer.

Transparency for you - thanks to professional performance tracking

We work based on Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with clear key performance indicators regarding service volume and quality. All SLAs are decided on jointly with you in a standardized process and are continuously monitored. This approach ensures that our services are delivered on schedule and without deviations.

We are responsible for optimal working conditions

Depending on the task and requirements, we establish all the technical, legal and any other prerequisites necessary for a seamless workflow - whether directly on your premises or off-site. This applies to the provision of operating assets as well as to IT connections and equipment relevant to occupational safety.

Our brochure: Outsourcing at its best

Download our outsourcing brochure here. It once again sums up the services Tempton supports you with as an outsourcing partner, the benefits you enjoy and how we are certified. Because what Tempton stands for more than anything else: Do what you do best - we will take care of the rest.

Download brochure (in German)

Outsourcing at a glance

No time to flip through pages? Then simply download our convenient fact sheet. Here we once again outline our service and business areas as well as your advantages in a brief overview.

Download fact sheet (in German)

Our outsourcing services at a glance

Quality assurance and control

  • As a stand-alone solution or integrated into a production or logistics process with documentation of the test results according to a specified error catalogue
  • Visual inspections/boundary sample inspections/testing using gauges
  • Measuring
  • Functional tests


  • Performance of a day-to-day packaging operation, e.g. in the food and consumer goods industry
  • In production e.g. as belt packaging with rotating intermission bridges
  • Repackaging of various goods in specific packaging

Order picking

  • of consumer goods and spare parts
  • of various product ranges for the food retail trade
  • by means of pick slips/mobile data entry (MDE)
  • by means of barcode pick-by-scan/pick-by-barcode/pick-by-RFID

Incoming goods

  • Unloading of containers and trucks
  • Receiving and storage of goods
  • Inspection of goods, sorting, palletizing
  • Cross-docking

Logistical services

  • Incoming goods to outgoing goods incl. in-plant transport and loading

Rework service

  • Reworking
  • Elimination of defects
  • Cleaning service

In-house transport

  • with use of the customer's vehicle fleet
  • with own vehicles
  • gladly also in connection with driver guidance system

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Managing Director
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Matthias Ackermann
Account Management
responsible for the acquisition of new customers
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Mobile:+49 178-9270728
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