Tempton Education
Flexible personnel for pedagogical institutions

Working with children, adolescents and adults in need of assistance requires a lot of dedication and commitment. Our flexible helpers from the areas of education, social work, social education and remedial therapy support your day-care team or your clientele in their everyday work. They can take care of housekeeping tasks as well as supervision and care tasks and can also conduct consultations.

Institutions that need flexible personnel benefit in many different ways: if one helper is sick and cannot work, another helper is there to pick up the slack. In addition, our personnel bring with them experience from many different job. And last but not least, your institution stays maximally flexible.

Your Benefits

More flexibility

You decide how long you need the support of our colleagues.

More fairness

Our credo is: fair payment and affordable billing rates for clients.

More health

Our employees receive all relevant preventive medical check-ups and vaccinations.

Complete flexibility

Day-care facilities and social institutions are marked by high absence rates due to illness. This is a result of having many people working close together. You can decide for how long you need our employees’ help; for a single shift, or several months.