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Personnel takeover by Tempton

Do you have permanent or temporary personnel overcapacity, but understandably do not want to lay off your employees or, if at all possible, do not want to pay them through the full notice period? Then we provide you with a reputable, straightforward and socially compatible solution: the takeover of personnel. We take over your employees by mutual agreement if or as long as you can no longer employ them. We then assign them to one of our customer companies either permanently or, at your request, only temporarily. In the case of a temporary assignment, you can rely on your experienced employees again at short notice as soon as your personnel requirements change.

Benefits for employers and employees

A short- or long-term takeover of personnel enables companies to treat their employees responsibly, even in difficult times. The advantage for you as an entrepreneur: You quickly reduce your personnel costs and can gain new room to maneuver. At the same time, your employees remain in an employment relationship and thus attractive for the labor market.

Your options with Tempton:

Permanent personnel takeover

The basis for a permanent personnel takeover is the amicable termination of the employment relationship between you and your employees. As a next step, you determine how long each employee should receive a job guarantee with us at conditions comparable to those of your company. During the entire term of the individual notice periods, you will not incur any additional costs. For other or longer terms, we can also offer attractive solutions for you.

No blocking periods

Your employees are hired by Tempton directly following their employment. Therefore, the Federal Employment Agency does not impose any blocking periods despite a mutually agreed termination.

Continued professional development of your former employees

In addition to the job guarantee, employees who are taken over receive professional assistance with job applications via the Tempton Academy, helpful training and further education, and the chance to get to know various attractive employers.

Temporary employee transfer

As a prerequisite for a temporary personnel takeover, the employment contract must be suspended by mutual agreement. With this option, you also individually determine how long your employees will receive a job guarantee at Tempton with conditions comparable to those of your company. After the period you have specified, the employees will return to you. If you need your employees back sooner, you can reinstate them with two weeks' notice.

Financial participation for you

No matter which option you choose: We will give you a share of the income we generate from the assignments or placement of the transferred employees.

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