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You need white-collar personnel? Tempton Office offers you the most suitable employees - either on a temporary basis (employee leasing) or through placement in a permanent position. From call center agents to assistants and controllers to commercial executives and IT specialists, we provide you with personnel of all white-collar professions and levels - quickly and with fair conditions.

Your advantages

Highly motivated employees

The image of temporary employment has undergone a positive transformation. This modern and flexible form of work is particularly popular with highly qualified professionals. Because we provide each of our employees with close personal support and always lend a ready ear for everyday questions, you as an entrepreneur can count on the high motivation and reliability of our supporters.

You save costs and time

Running job advertisements, conducting interviews, handling applicant management, preparing payrolls and, of course, paying salaries and social security contributions - you can dispense with all of this from now on. We fill your vacancies quickly, accurately and in a cost-effective manner. Takeover is free of charge later on.

Employee leasing or personnel placement

Of course, this remains entirely your choice. However, if you want to be sure that an applicant will be a long-term fit for your team, previous employee leasing can be a valuable phase of getting to know each other.

Education + talent + experience

We make sure that our employees fit your requirements both professionally and personally. Talent and the necessary professional experience for the task are essential aspects that we examine in addition to education. This way, we ensure that our employees master the challenges set for them and work well with their future colleagues. As a result, our employees become a real asset to your team. If the command of one or more foreign languages is a prerequisite for your recruitment, you can rest assured that we have also thoroughly tested these skills beforehand.

A permanent point of contact

We are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will have a fixed point of contact who will accompany you through the entire cycle of personnel assignment and recruitment. The advantages are obvious: you have a consultant who knows your company and your expectations in detail. Our employees, in turn, have a trusted advisor at their side who can offer them support in many situations. This way, we ensure that our cooperation is characterized by efficiency, a perfect fit and professionalism.

A perfect fit for best results from day one

Ultimately, you decide whether an employee is truly a good fit for you and suitable for the intended responsibilities. However, to enable you to assess our candidates as best as possible, we provide you with informative, written employee profiles; they are prepared with the intended tasks in mind. Our consultants pay attention not only to the professional experience of the candidates, but also to important social skills.

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