What does temp work look like at Tempton?

At Tempton we welcome all applicants. With or without qualifications – we always find the right job. Our employees rotate from assignment to assignment within our customer companies. And even if there is no quick fit to be found, there is no need to worry.

For more than 30 years, Tempton has made it its mission to lease its employees to customer companies located at over 140 locations throughout Germany at short notice. We want to provide everyone with a job, regardless of their qualifications. During assignments at customer companies, our employees are permanently employed. When an assignment is terminated, we assign our employees to a new customer company that currently has personnel requirements. Of course, it can also happen that no new application is instantly found. No need to be concerned: Our employees continue to receive renumeration, even without an assignment.

What is the difference between personnel recruitment and temporary employment?

Supporting our employees is our top priority. In addition to a personal contact person, Tempton is characterized by excellent social benefits and also guarantees its employees numerous other advantages.

During the assignments, it is important to us that our employees feel comfortable with our customer companies. Getting to know each other, a personal consultant, the accompaniment to the place of work, the provision of appropriate work clothes as well as regular feedback discussions are part of Tempton's good tone. In addition, we offer excellent social benefits, as well as an employee benefits program, in which our employees benefit from discounts in more than 300 online stores. The payment of holiday and Christmas bonuses as well as various working time models are further advantages that we offer our employees.

How does Tempton look after its external employees?

In the case of temporary employment, our employees rotate between our customer companies and are permanently employed by Tempton during this time. As part of personnel recruitment, we are looking for a permanent job for our employees in one of our companies.

How long can an assignment with a customer company last?

How long an assignment lasts always depends on the orders of our customers. It can last up to several weeks or months. Project-based assignments, for example.B. often last longer than those intended to cover temporary order peaks.

I would like to work at Tempton. What is the best way to get in touch and how do I apply for a job?

If you have found a suitable position among our job offers, you can always contact a Tempton contact person in a local branch.Then, you are only a few steps away of having your job in your pocket.

You have already taken the first step, namely visiting our website. To find a suitable job, you can use the job mask on the start page or select the branch that is near you on our location map. There you will find all current job offers for which you can apply at any time. Have you discovered a suitable job for yourself? Great, then arrange a personal conversation with your chosen branch. Our colleagues will then inform you about the next steps. However, we already have good news for you: An application with a CV and certificates is not a must for us. Should you nevertheless need support with your application, we will be happy to help you and advise you on all questions relating to the application process. For this purpose, we offer two webinars, offering you advice on what a CV should look like and what to consider during a job interview.

Which documents do I have to submit when applying?

Applying for a job at Tempton is easy. Until you can start your first job in one of our customer companies, our colleagues only need a few documents from you.

Have you found a job that suits you well? That makes us happy. In order for us to give you a warm welcome to one of your branches, our colleagues primarily need your most recent and most significant working documents. Your local branch will inform you exactly on what this includes specifically. In a personal interview, our branch will then give you all the important information about your new job assignment and fill out an application form together with you. If you already have a CV and certificates, we would be pleased if you bring them to your initial interview.

I don't have my own car. How do I get to my assignment?

If you don't know how to get to your work assignment, there is no reason to worry. Our colleagues from your branch will take care of it.

Even if you do not have the opportunity to get to your place of work yourself, we can reassure you. An employee from our branch in your city will be happy to take you to one of our customer companies and will also make sure that you come home safely. If you have your own car with which you can come to work, we will of course pay you a travel allowance. We also offer the option of a company car. In this case, please contact a contact person from your local branch.

How much is my remuneration and when will it be paid?

Of course, the hourly wage depends on the employment company, the region and your qualifications. At Tempton, you will receive remuneration at least in accordance with the BAP collective agreement. Depending on the industry or the company, surcharges are also possible. Your local branch will tell you how high these are in detail. You will always receive your salary on the 20th of the following month.

What qualifications do I need to have in order to work at Tempton?

Tempton is diverse. Whether in manual, commercial or medical professions – Tempton covers almost all professions and has customer companies in various industries. In order to get an overview of all current job offers, we advise you to contact your branch. In a personal conversation, our colleagues will be happy to explain in detail which requirements and tasks the jobs include in detail.

In which professions and industries does Tempton offer jobs?

To start at Tempton, you do not need specific qualifications or professional experience in a field or industry. Of course, we are pleased if you already have an education or professional experience, because this will allow us to find a suitable job for you more quickly. But this is not a must. At Tempton, we welcome anyone looking for a job.