Inflation compensation bonus 2024

Loyal employees at Tempton have the chance to earn an inflation compensation bonus of up to EUR 2,300 in addition to their salary in 2024.

If you are working for Tempton in 2024 in an assignment company subject to the industry supplement collective agreements IAP "Metal + Electrical", "Textiles and Clothing", " Chemistry", "Plastics", "Rubber", "Potash and Salt" or the industry supplement collective agreement IAP "Paper Producing Industry", you may receive an inflation compensation bonus in addition to your salary.

The prerequisites for being entitled to the inflation compensation bonus are at least five months of employment with Tempton and at least one month of employment with the respective assignment company.

The inflation compensation bonus is tiered and at the same time capped at EUR 300 (EUR 150 in the IAP Textiles & Clothing collective agreement) for January 2024 and EUR 200 (EUR 100 in the IAP Textiles & Clothing collective agreement) for the months of February to November 2024. The inflation compensation bonus will in each case subsequently be distributed to you with the salary payment on the 20th of the following month.

The resulting maximum possible payment of EUR 2,300 (EUR 1,150 in the IAP Textile & Clothing collective agreement) is also limited to the amount that the respective assignment company has paid or will pay to its own employees (core workforce) as an inflation compensation bonus for the period from November 2022 to December 2024 included.