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Tempton shows initiative

Tempton uses its branch network of 200 locations to serve as a point of contact. To this end, we join forces and are at your side.

Your contact person

Our refugee coordinator is always available to answer your questions:

Nataliia Vinnytska
Phone: +49 201 94627-511
Mobile: +49 178-9270806
E-mail: nataliia.vinnytska@tempton.de

What Ukrainian refugees can expect from Tempton:

  • With our good contacts to the local authorities, we first support you in finding clean and warm accommodation.

  • We take care that you can apply for social assistance so that you are financially secure for the time being.

  • We help you to get health insurance quickly and smoothly.

  • You need clothes, toys and food? We make sure you are covered as quickly as possible.

  • Our customer network includes more than 11,500 companies from all sectors. We will help you find a valuable job for the time you are in Germany.

Tempton employees in action

The war in Ukraine has shaken us all. Supporting our Ukrainian neighbours is a matter of course for all Tempton colleagues. Below are some impressions that make us proud to employ such staff at Tempton:

Impressions of Tempton employees on site