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About Tempton

Tempton is one of Germany’s leading HR services providers. More than 10,000 businesses rely on us to provide them with qualified staff from virtually every industry. These include industrial and commercial assistants, specialist assistants and specialist personnel as well as examined health care staff, airport personnel, engineers and interim managers.

Our service portfolio sets us clearly apart from other HR services providers, because we go beyond supplying temporary staff, offering our customers virtually every service to suit their given HR requirements.

Tempton is a modern employer and service provider. Our employees come from over 90 countries. The teams at our branches often have native speakers from several countries who will be happy to assist you.

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For Candidates

Those who choose Tempton as an employer are choosing a secure, future-proof workplace. Because we work with over 10,000 businesses in virtually all industries, we can find the right challenge for each of our candidates. The most important information about Tempton is shown below:

6 good reasons to choose Tempton as your employer

Excellent remunerationPerformance-related remuneration, overtime, Christmas and vacation pay are all standard with us.
Secure jobYou can look forward to permanent employment and an open-ended contract.
Top-class jobsWe take on employees with and without qualifications, as well as lateral movers.
Top-class jobsWe take on employees with and without qualifications, as well as lateral movers.
Fair conditionsUp to 30 days of annual vacation, free annual health check-up, employee benefits program and much more.
Personal contact personEach of our employees has a dedicated contact whom they can speak to at any time.

Working at Tempton – From application to employment


Tempton has over 30 years’ experience of employing foreign personnel.

Getting to know us

You’ll get to know your consultant during the interview. That individual will attend to you personally in future. You and the consultant will discuss the kind of work you would like, what working hours suit you best, and what skills you have to offer. Once we have reached agreement, we will send you an offer, followed by an open-ended contract of employment.

Where you will be deployed

Tempton has more than 140 offices and 10,000 customers all over Germany. That means we are able to offer you suitable technical or industrial jobs. On your first day with us – and sometimes even before that – we will bring you to the company personally, show you your workplace, and introduce you to your colleagues.

How long will you stay?

We plan to work with you long-term, which is why we give you an open-ended contract of employment. The length of time you spend as a temporary employee with one of our customers varies. It may be one month, up to a maximum period of 18 months at any one time. However, if you really feel that you don’t fit in with a customer, your consultant will get involved immediately and will find you a new workplace as a last resort.

Employment agency or temp agency?

We actually do not wish to lose anybody, which is why temporary work is mainly what we do. However, some customers also wish to take over our staff. If that suits you too, we will agree on your transfer to the customer after a mutually defined period.

What legal conditions do non-Germans have to meet in order to work with us?

  • If you are an EU citizen, all you need is valid ID.
  • If you are a citizen of a non-EU country you will need a valid passport and a residence permit (temporary/permanent).

For our candidates

Would you like to apply? Then give us a call, browse our job openings, or drop in to one of our branches. More information about Tempton is available in the German-language version of the website.

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For Businesses

The Tempton portfolio is one of the most diverse of all German HR services providers. From assistants to master craftspeople in industrial and technical areas, (qualified) medical personnel, airport staff, engineers and technicians, we offer you helping hands.

5 good reasons to choose us as your HR services provider

Diverse specializations

We can offer you staff in all areas.

Fast and flexible

Are you looking for temporary or permanent staff? We can often supply our customers with the personnel they need within a couple of hours.

Broad portfolio

With our diverse HR solutions, we can help you resolve any HR problem at all times.

Recruitment 4.0

So that we can find suitable staff for you, we place ads every day on up to 300 job portals. In doing so, we use cutting-edge recruitment technologies. Out of the 100,000 candidates we list every year, we choose the best ones for you on the basis of mutual interest.

Quality assurance

Our services and processes are comprehensively certified.

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Who actually decides on quality? In a best-case scenario, it’s our employees and customers. And they have given us several awards.