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Shelter, work and donations for Ukrainian refugees in Germany

Tempton strongly condemns the war in Ukraine. As an employer of nearly 11,500 people from almost 100 nations, we know about the absolute inviolability of the values of democracy, peace, freedom and tolerance. In order to help the Ukrainians who have to flee from the terrible war in their homeland, we use our skills and knowledge here in Germany. Our task is to help on the way to Germany and with integration in Germany as much as possible, as well as to find answers to the questions that arise when entering the country.

To this end, we have a Ukrainian-born refugee coordinator to whom you can direct your questions. Nataliia Vinnytska herself fled the war and arrived in Germany via Poland at the beginning of March. With her commitment, she would like to encourage Ukrainians to take the steps she took.

“I am in constant exchange with the municipality here in Hamm/Westphalia. The accommodations for refugees are very good. The willingness to help is great. I wish that many of my compatriots experience the security here that they need after the horror of the past weeks and days.”

Nataliia Vinnytska

Nataliia Vinnytska, through her close connection to Tempton management, was able to activate 200 Tempton locations in Germany to now serve as a point of contact for refugees from Ukraine. The Tempton staff is committed to making it as easy as possible for Ukrainian refugees to arrive in Germany.

Your contact person

Our refugee coordinator is always available to answer your questions:

Nataliia Vinnytska
Phone: +49 201 94627-511
Mobile: +49 178-9270806
E-mail: nataliia.vinnytska@tempton.de

At our 200 locations, we will do what we do best:

  • We use our contacts with the authorities and make sure that you are quickly and well accommodated.

  • We will see to it that you get food, hygiene articles and clothing.

  • We hope by heart that you will be able to return home quickly. If this is not possible, we will ensure that you are integrated into society and the labor market here. How do we do this? We already provide our application documents in Ukrainian and work with you to find a job that values you.

“My wife and I are shocked by this terrible war. We will do everything in our power to help the Ukrainian refugees with our possibilities we have here on site.”

Dr. Annett Tischendorf (Managing Partner Tempton Group) and Dr. Sven Tischendorf (Chairman of the Advisory Board and Shareholder Tempton Group)