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From one human being to another

Goethe once said, “What is uttered from the heart alone, will win the hearts of others to your own.” Perhaps this quote applies to no profession better than nursing. But anyone who cares for others greatly and with all their heart and devotes everything to their job often relegates themselves to the sidelines. Many nurses therefore justifiably wish for a better work-life balance: flexible planning of vacations, free choice of shifts, a good remuneration or the opportunity to get to know other units and specialist areas in order to continue their professional development. Tempton offers just that and much more. We will make sure you remember why you chose this career. Because you are more than worth it to us.

ca. 400M
Sales euros in 2023
offices around Germany
Dinah M.

“I started at Tempton Medical right after completing my midwifery education and have never regretted that step. I can schedule my shifts better now and even vacation is no longer a problem. For us midwives, temporary employment is a real alternative.”

Dinah M.
Midwife, Team Frankfurt

Your advantages

More money

Simply earn more: at least 25% more than a permanent position in a medical facility.

More heart

We will always listen to you: take a look at our social media channels and build your own impression of Tempton.

More time

Tempton gives you more free time: on average two shifts less each month, a 35 hour week and working time according to your wishes.


Open, with a sense of humor and simply human: you are in good hands with us and become a part of #TeamTempton. You always have a reliable contact person close by: if things are not going so well or if you simply need someone to listen to you. And precisely because we listen, we always find the right assignment.

Steven M.

“As a nursing professional and as a person, I feel very comfortable at Tempton Medical. I meet great colleagues on my assignments and if I have any questions, my team management is always available for me and gives me the support I need to do my job. I currently cannot imagine myself doing anything other than nursing in temporary employment.”

Steven M.
Geriatric nurse, Team Hannover
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#TeamTempton in action

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About Tempton

When it comes to people and important tasks, trust is everything. Fair conditions, extensive benefits and an open door policy at all times are the cornerstones of our relationships with our employees. As a customer, you benefit significantly from this philosophy of appreciation - because it is the only way to secure motivated and reliable supporters.