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The succinct change in the business world leads to new and increasingly diversified job profiles. In order for a company to benefit from the numerous advantages of digitalization, it is necessary to gather the right experts and executives around you. This is where we at Tempton Next Level Experts come in as your HR consultants.

Individual search and targeted approach

For each engagement, we go on an individual search. We use many different sourcing channels to which we creatively and purposefully tailor our approaches. This way, we find experts who are not applying actively for the advertised position. Our excellent network, which we have built over the years and continue to nurture, helps us achieve this, as does our innovative spirit, which motivates us to develop strategies adapted to the current market situation in order to constantly identify new ways to reach our goal.

Active sourcing is our area of expertise

Professionals from IT, digital marketing and engineering as well as experienced executives are usually already employed and rarely apply in response to a job advertisement. Getting in touch with them requires a solid network and sophisticated active sourcing strategies. The biggest hurdle lies in persuading promising candidates to transfer and winning them over to your company. In order to do this, it is absolutely necessary to understand the details of the position and to present them to the candidates in a profound way, so that they know what to expect and can decide in your favor.

We are professionals in IT, digital marketing, engineering and executive search.

Our entire team has strong expertise in IT, digital marketing and engineering - at all functional levels up to the management board. This is why we always communicate at eye level not only with your business departments, but also with the candidates we identify. Our know-how helps us to distinguish "good" from "very good" during the selection process. Therefore, you will only receive truly suitable profiles from us, where the candidate's knowledge and experience match the requirements for the position. We also do not disregard the personal fit into your corporate culture.

Market knowledge, transparency and passion

We know the job market like the back of our hand and know how to leverage changing market conditions to our advantage. We are united by a keen desire to learn and an enthusiasm for modern recruiting strategies, because we want to remain the best! Not only you, but also all of us have to be convinced of the quality of our work. The esteem in which we hold our own employees is the standard for us in interacting with all people. For each engagement we go on an individual search and work not only quickly but also transparently and of course discreetly. We are at your side as a friendly and competent point of contact and advisor throughout all phases, from the initial engagement to the final placement.

Hand-picked experts and managers

Once we are in contact with a suitable candidate, we describe the prospects and tasks in your company and check in detail whether the necessary technical, methodical and social competencies are actually present. As a result, at the end of the search we can present you with hand-picked experts and executives who will really drive your company forward.

Tempton Next Level Experts: From experts for experts

Tempton Next Level Experts stands for high-quality personnel services in competitive markets such as IT, digital marketing, engineering and executive search. In order to precisely understand the requirements of the respective position and to be able to communicate with your departments at eye level, it is second nature to us that we always keep our extensive expertise up to date.

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